Jan 16, 2013

iPhoneography Tutorials at Kat Eye Studio

Kat Sloma of Kat Eye Studio is an accomplished photographer who conducts online and on-location workshops. Kat is passionate about photography.  In her words, “I believe we all have a unique vision of the world, there is no right or wrong point of view. Everyone’s voice deserves recognition in the conversation, thus making the world a richer place. Being an artist is a choice we make, by creating and sharing our vision. With digital photography as one of the most accessible art mediums available today, won’t you join me in exploring photography as a form of your own creative expression?”
Below are two beautiful examples of her traditional photographic work.  

© Kat Sloma
Piaggio (above)
© Kat Sloma
Wash Up (above)
Now, Kat has picked up her iPhone and found what we’ve all found – it too can be a useful tool for launching your creativity!  Kat is generous to offer tutorials on her blog explaining her process. 
Here are a few of her most recent mobile art images: 
© Kat Sloma
Under the Surface (above)
© Kat Sloma
Storm Coming (above)
© Kat Sloma
Winter Flowers (above)
To find out the process behind these creations, be sure to visit Kat’s website.  Follow Kat on Instagram @kateyeview

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