Jan 25, 2013

Friday Favorites No. 21

The latest installment of Friday favorites.  I revisited some apps that I’ve ignored for a while and was very pleased with the results.
© Geri Centonze
Portrait of a Man (above)
App RecipeRealSpyCamera, Collage Painter,Glaze, Image Blender and Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
Her Dark Side (above)
App RecipeProCamera, Mirrorgram, Snapseed, ShockMyPic, PhotoCrash, Image Blender, Old Photo Pro, Rainy Daze HD
© Geri Centonze
Office at Subway (above)
App RecipeProCamera and Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
Winter Decay (above)
App RecipeBracket Mode, iCamera HDR
© Geri Centonze
Dance Like No One’s Watching (above)
App RecipeRealSpyCamera, Diptic, Portray, Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
Nature’s Pod Nest (above)
App RecipeProCamera, Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
Bags of Chips Abstract (above)
App RecipeRealSpyCamera, Snapseed, Glaze

1 comment:

  1. Oh amazing results, love numbers 1 and 2, wonderful painterly effects. xox


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