Jan 22, 2013

Anatomy of an Edit -- “Shine”

Here is a walk-thru of a recent edit.
Anatomy of an Edit © Geri Centonze

1.  Original image shot of young woman on tram going to Disneyland with ProCamera.
2.  Moved image to Sketch Club where I sculpted her face a bit by painting in a dark green background.  I also added more color to her lips and dark shadowing around her eyes with a paintbrush on a separate layer.
3.  Moved into Snapseed I adjusted contrast and exposure.
4.  Next into Old Photo Pro for an antique look
5.  ScratchCam FX provided the added texture
6.  Finally into Rays to add the “shine” to the portrait

Here is the finished image


  1. I love the light shining on her

  2. Thanks for this. A striking image, and I love the tutorial too.


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