Nov 30, 2012

Friday Favorites No. 14

I experimented with a few new apps this week including AfterGlow.  I also discovered that I love the filters in the Big Lens app even when I’m not using it to blur an image!
© Geri Centonze
Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard ~ Standing Bear (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, PS Express, Camera Awesome and Sketch Club
© Geri Centonze
Every woman’s heart has different instructions.  They’re written through her eyes, in her smile, through her actions and in her tears.  She just has to find someone who cares enough to read them. (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix  Edited with Glaze, Sketch Club and Snapseed 
© Geri Centonze
A Classic (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with Almost DSLR using Olloclip Fisheye lens.  Edited with Snapseed, Dynamic Light, AfterGlow, PS Express and Big Lens
© Geri Centonze
Music is what feelings sounds like – Author Unknown (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix  Edited with Snapseed and Big Lens
© Geri Centonze
Beauty (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, Camera Awesome and Typic
© Geri Centonze
Strolling By (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix  Edited with Snapseed and Big Lens
© Geri Centonze
I am not anti-social. I am pro-solitude (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with Sneakypix  Edited with Snapseed, Sketch Club and Camera Awesome 
© Geri Centonze
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, iCameraHDR, PS Express, Sketch Club, Camera Awesome and Typic

About Me

Geri CentonzeI never properly introduced myself to all of my readers.  A few of you have been around since my old blogging days at My Heart Art, but for the new readers, here's a brief introduction.
After several years as a sci-fi sketch card artist, I was bitten by the iPhoneography bug.  I've discarded my Copic markers to pursue this new passion.  This blog, is dedicated to my journey.  All of my mobile art is shot with my iPhone and edited on my iPad. 
Sharing what I learn and who inspires me is also part of my passion so you'll also find tutorials, FREE app links, interviews with amazing mobile photographers and the latest iPhoneography news on iARTCHRONiCLES.
© Geri Centonze

Using Instagram to Edit Without Posting

InstagramIf you’d ever like to use Instagram purely for an editing app without posting to your gallery it’s easy to do.
Go to Settings and turn your device to Airplane Mode.  Edit using Instagram filters and frames and trying posting the image.  Since you’re not connected to the internet, it will be saved to your Camera Roll!  (Thanks to Geek is the New Chic for this tip)

Nov 29, 2012

Alternative to the Native iPhone Camera–KitCam is Here

I just downloaded KitCam ($1.99) and already I like the choice of live lenses (13) films (30) and frames (18) that you can add in a variety of combinations.

image description  image description

Check out the video to learn more about this new release from the makers of PhotoForge.

Nov 26, 2012

Get Hipstamatic Tips with the FREE Snap Magazine App

I’m not a big Hipstamatic fan and maybe that’s because I have never mastered all the ins and outs of the different films and lenses.  Now with the Snap Magazine app I hope that will change.

Download the free app and get all the helpful tips and tricks from some of the best mobile photographers!

photo 1

photo 2

Nov 24, 2012

Kelly Kardos–Pure Photography

Kelly KardosI first met Kelly Kardos @kellykardos on Instagram) through her blog Just a Click Away.  Although we’ve never met, I think it’s in our future as Kelly also lives in Southern California. 
I thought she was only using her big girl camera (DSLR) and not about to indulge in iPhone photography, but I was so wrong.  When I found out that her beautiful IG images are almost entirely shot on her iPhone, I couldn’t wait to feature her work here.  When I think of Kelly’s work two words come to mind – pure and story. Her images have a pure quality to them that I love and they tell a story – something a good photographer can do well!

© Kelly Kardos

Friday Favorites No. 13

Here are the favorite edits I created this week with one collaboration with @blacksmithpat (who will be featured in an upcoming post).
First I’ll share the collaboration because I’m absolutely in love with the portrait he took of his daughter.  The only thing I did was crop and edit it in a gritty way.
Original image by @blacksmithpat – edit by Geri Centonze (Above)
App Recipe:  Edited with Snapseed, Camera Awesome, Afterglow, Sketch Club  
Abstract Portrait (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix   Edited with Snapseed, PS Express, XNView Photo FX
© Geri Centonze
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Afterglow, Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
App Recipe:  Shot and edited with Camera Awesome
© Geri Centonze
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, Simply HDR, Glaze, Sketch Club
© Geri Centonze
Abstract Wave (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera   Edited with Pixlr Express Plus, Glaze, TwistCam, PS Express, MirrorCamFX

Nov 20, 2012

Gangster Squad Hipstamatic FREEPak Now Available

If you’re a fan of Hipstamatic, you know that the bonus camera and film packs are available for purchase within the app, but the latest Gangster Squad lens, film and camera case are a FREEPak available for download within the app now.


Warner Brothers partnered with Hipstamatic to promote their upcoming film Gangster Squad.  Below is the official press release.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Hipstamatic announce the Gangster Squad FreePak: a Hipstamatic lens, film and virtual camera case inspired by Gangster Squad, the forthcoming movie set in the 1940s, starring Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and Sean Penn as notorious mobster Mickey Cohen, with Nick Nolte and Emma Stone. The movie’s director, Ruben Fleischer, collaborated with Hipstamatic to develop the Gangster Squad FreePak—from the lens effect to the photo border to the camera case design, each element is a reminiscent nod to the film and the era.

“It’s been great working with the Warner Bros. Pictures team and director Ruben Fleischer, all of whom understand that photos are the new digital currency of our time,” said Lucas Buick, CEO and co-founder, Hipstamatic. “This latest collaboration gives us the opportunity to continue helping our partners pioneer a new era in brand marketing, while simultaneously adding value to our Hipstamatic community and inspiring them to take more photos.” 

Gangster Squad FreePak Details
Beginning today, Hipstamatic users can download the Gangster Squad FreePak for free, from directly within the app, which includes:

GSQUAD Lens: produces vibrant tones with an antique feel.   

GS-0 Film: this carefully cropped circular film on warm paper adds a unique emphasis to prints.

Gangster Deco Camera Case: virtual stainless steel case with art deco leather grip.

After a photo is snapped, it's auto-tagged with the virtual "equipment" used—#GSQUAD lens and #GS-0 film—and users can share them directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr, all without ever having to leave the Hipstamatic app.

Gangster Squad and Hipstamatic Photo Contest
Warner Bros. Pictures and Hipstamatic will host a photo contest to drive excitement for the Gangster Squad FreePak and movie. Beginning today and running for six weeks, Hipstamatic users can download the FreePak, snap photos, and enter a contest from directly within the Hipstamatic app. Photo submissions will be judged by director Ruben Fleischer, and one winner will receive a Canon D Mark III. 

To download the Hipstamatic app, visit the iTunes store here. To learn more about the Gangster Squad movie, visit here

Nov 18, 2012

Colormania is Temporarily FREE!

ColorMania FXGet it while it’s FREE gang!  Colormania FX.  Sorry I’m late on this one – I think the price goes up tomorrow!




Colormania FX

Nov 17, 2012

Featured Mobile Artist–Amanda Briggs “This is Life”

Amanda BriggsI don’t remember when I first discovered the gallery of mobile artist Amanda Briggs @brushstroke0000 on Instagram, but I do remember that under her name was the phrase “This is Life”.  That is exactly what Amanda captures with her mobile photography -  a little slice of life beautifully and artfully edited.
Amanda who lives in Hertfordshire, UK has been on Instagram for only two months and she says,“this is when my whole photography obsession began.”
Below you can read my conversation with Amanda discussing her work.

© Amanda Briggs

Nov 16, 2012

Friday Favorites No. 12

I still can’t pin down my style to just one editing process.  I enjoy experimenting with them all.
Black and White
Any Good News? © Geri Centonze
Any Good News (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed and Pixlr Express Plus
Black Harley © Geri Centonze
Black Harley (Above) 
App Recipe:   Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, Big Lens, Sketch Club 
Silhouette Shopper © Geri Centonze
Silhouette Shopper (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix  Edited with Snapseed and Sketch Club 

© Geri Centonze
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, PhotoViva, Painteresque, PS Express, Glaze, Image Blender, ShockMyPic, Pic Grunger, Sketch Club
Portrait of a Woman © Geri Centonze
Portrait of a Woman (Above)
Alone Together © Geri Centonze
Alone Together (Above)
© Geri Centonze
Portrait – Knights of Columbus (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, Artist’s Touch, Portrait Painter, Glaze, Sketch Club

Abstract Flower © Geri Centonze
Abstract Flower
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, BlurFX, Filtermania, MirrorCamFX

Nov 14, 2012

Pixlr Express PLUS

Pixlr Express PLUSAs a huge fan of Pixlr-o-matic I was thrilled with the release of Pixlr Express PLUS which now adds basic functions like cropping, resizing, rotating images…adjusting exposure, removing red-eye, reducing noise to their great overlays, frames and lighting effects. 

The BEST thing about Pixlr Express PLUS is that you can now adjust the intensity of each of the effects.  In Pixlr-o-matic, you either apply an effect or remove it but now you can adjust exactly to your liking!  Hip Hip Hooray for Autodesk the makers of this app.  I did have it crash on me a couple of times but I’m sure they’ll be updating for any bug fixes.

The app is currently on sale for only 99-cents.  The price is going to go up, so grab it while it’s on sale for the celebration of the release!

Pixlr Express PLUS

Check out my HDR Tutorial on The App Whisperer

High Dynamic Range imaging gives a unique look to your photos.  Check out the tutorial I wrote for The App Whisperer by clicking on the image below.

Before and After

Nov 12, 2012

Tilt-Shift Generator–Temporarily FREE!!

imageAnother FREE one to grab while you can and save yourself some money.  TiltShift Generator enables you to control perfect lens blur and color effects.  By adjusting various parameters, it allows you to apply many Toy Camera effects on your pictures; from miniature pictures to vintage style images.”  (from the App description)



Nov 10, 2012

Petyr Campos–City Slicker and Mobile Photographer

© Petyr CamposThis week’s featured Instagrammer is Petyr Campos – a self-confessed city slicker and iPhoneographer.  I don’t know if I could put Petyr in a box as far as defining his work.  It is unique, poignant and varied which is what I love about it.
The first piece I ever saw by Petyr was at the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival (below).  I was mesmerized by the possibilities of creating with the iPhone that I clutched in my hand. 
Skin No. 6 © Petyr Campos
Skin No. 6 (Above)

Temporarily FREE–HDR FX Pro App!

HDR FX ProHDR FX Pro is temporarily FREE!  Grab it while you can and save $1.99!





Nov 9, 2012

Friday Favorites No. 11

A quick round-up of my favorite edits for the week.
© Geri Centonze
Why is she laughing?  (Above)
App Recipe Shot with SneakyPix  Edited with Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
The Crosswalk (Above)
App Recipe  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, BlurFX, PhotoToaster, and ScratchCam FX
© Tilla Wolf
The image above was not photographed by me – I was given permission by @tilla_wolf of Instagram to create a painterly edit of her photo.
App Recipe  Edited with Portrait Painter, AutoPainter 3, PhotoViva, Glaze, Sketch Club, Snapseed, Pixlr-o-matic
© Geri Centonze
Lunch Date (Above)
App Recipe  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, BlurFX, Iris Photo Suite, Pixlr-o-matic, Filterstorm, Photo FX, ScratchCam FX
© Geri Centonze
Mall Shopper (Above)
App Recipe  Shot with Sneakypix  Edited with PhotoForge, iCameraHDR, PS Express, Pixlr-o-matic, Glaze, Image Blender, Filterstorm, BlurFX, ShockMyPic
© Geri Centonze
At Lunch (Above)
App Recipe  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, Steampunk PhotoTada!, Simply B&W
© Geri Centonze
Portrait of a Man (Above)
App Recipe  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, Portrait Painter, PhotoViva and Sketch Club
© Geri Centonze
She enjoyed her own company (Above)
App Recipe  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
At the Mall (Above)
App Recipe  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, Shockmypic, Glaze, Sketch Club, Iris Photo Suite

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