Oct 17, 2012

HiLO Lens–First Right Angle Lens for iPhone & iPad Photography

Have you heard of Kickstarter?  It’s a “funding platform for creative projects.”  Here you’ll find innovative ideas presented by their developers who are looking for funding to launch their products or other creative ventures.  You can donate a small amount to help fund or for varying amounts you can be the first to receive the product as soon as it’s available (usually at a reduced price from the suggested retail price).

I have supported a few Kickstarter programs as I love being able to help move a great idea forward (even if it’s with a modest donation). 

I stumbled across the HiLO Lens for iPhone & iPad while looking for creative ways to enhance my street photography.  I could try and describe it for you, but this video does a much better job than I ever could.


HiLO Lens

HiLO Lens in a vertical angle (images used with permission of HiLO developers)

HiLO Lens in a vertical angle

The goal for this program is to raise $27,500 by Tuesday, November 20th.  So far they’ve raised $5,289, so I’m pretty confident they’ll be able to fund the project and I’ll be getting one of the first HiLO Lenses!  Of course, I’ll be back to review it when I get it!


  1. Wow, wonder if this will work for the new iPhone 5.

  2. @Marilyn it will work with the iPhone5


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