Oct 10, 2012

A Second Interview Published on The App Whisperer

I’m very honored to have another featured interview posted today on The App Whisperer.  This interview focuses more on the photographic process and the subjects I choose to capture.  I hope you’ll hop over to Joanne’s site and have a look. 

But don’t stop there, be sure to explore The App Whisperer for some great info on mobile photography and apps!

Big Brother © Geri Centonze


  1. What a great article...your work truly amazes me. I'm inspired - thank you! :)

  2. Hi Geri, I have been watching you from a far!! singapore to be exact. You are buzzing along your field of interest. It is exciting to actually feel like you know someone personally who is excelling and out in the public eye. So happy for you and proud. You are truly making a mark for yourself, all the while devoting more time to your husband's work and your mom. What goes around comes around is something I truly believe in. I am trying to soak in as much info about iphoneography as I can, but not much opportunity to practice....but I do have some super photos....so someday. Did you get your new phone? I am curious about camera on mini i pad....if it is super duper it wouldn't be more weight than carrying around my Big Mama....I know you will be posting about it soon. Not sure when it comes available. But your blog will keep me up to date....smile! sharon

  3. Had to return, as I did it backwards....should have read the interview first!!!!!!! What fantastic examples you gave to your audience. They are totally superb!!! Being a painter, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to sit by your side and see you work some of the art apps. You have it down, knowing what will or won't work. Great interview. You will see your personal audience grow by leaps and bounds. Guess I have taken up enough comment space....s.

  4. I'm soooo proud of you! Anger grand interview. My favorite image is Waiting Rom, although many others are fabulous. You may even get me going now that I got my new GTC EVO V. See my blog post today for more of the story by Kobi.

    Glad I checked in on you today. ;->


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