Oct 31, 2012

PhotoToaster–A second looks makes me a believer!

If you’re like me and you’ve downloaded 100’s of apps, you find your favorites and ignore the rest.  I stumbled upon this fabulous tutorial by Teri Lou Dantzler on an app I’ve ignored until NOW!  PhotoToaster has capabilities I didn’t know about and now I’m moving it into my main editing folder on my iPad.
Have a look at this tutorial and you’ll see how much is packed into PhotoToaster.

Happy Snapping!

Trick or Treat? Definitely TREAT–Blux Camera is FREE Today!

BluxI haven’t even tapped into the potential of this camera app – Blux Camera is free for 3 days only and today is the LAST day!

Watch the videos below to see the capabilities of Blux Camera.


Oct 27, 2012

Featured Mobile Artist–Dezadie

© Dezadie
I could have sworn I had seen the work of Dezadie at the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival this year.  Maybe it’s because subconsciously I believe her work SHOULD have been there.  I asked Dezadie (@Dezadie on Instagram) if she’d like to be featured on my blog and was happy that she agreed.  But I didn’t really know much about her beyond the images I viewed on her Instagram gallery.

© Dezadie
We exchanged some email communication beforehand and here is a bit of the “conversation” I had with Londoner Dezadie.

iColorama Tutorial

I was happy to be able to give away several copies of iColorama.  Now that you have it, what can you do with it?
Here’s a step-by-step tutorial making a rather ordinary photo into something extraordinary using only iColorama.
Here is the before image, shot with an iPhone 4S using the ProCamera app to capture the image.
1.  Open image in iColorama and select the highest resolution
Select Resolution

Oct 26, 2012

Romantic Photo HD

This week I experimented a bit with a new app, Romantic Photo HD by Jixipix.  With 11 styles to choose from, you can set the mood of your photo in just a few minutes.

The user interface on the app is well organized.  Simply choose an effect and then select the variation within that effect.

Romantic Photo HD

I decided to see what I could do with this already beautiful professionally taken portrait of my daughter-in-law.  It certainly doesn’t need “fixing” but I wanted to see if I could change the mood using Romantic Photo HD

Original Image (below)

Original Image

For the first edit, I used the Dreamy Photo Effect V-02 variation (below)

Dreamy Photo Effect

2nd Edit Day Dream Effect with the Strong variation (below)

Day Dream Effect

3rd Edit using the Romantic Colors Effect – Green Variation (below)  You’ll notice just the green elements are in color.  Pretty cool!

Romantic Colors Effect

and for the final edit, I chose the Romantic Color Effect V-01 variation

Romantic Colors Effect

Using one more image from my son’s wedding, I chose this portrait of the two of them.

Original image (below) 

Original Image

I really love this photography just the way it is, but decided to see what would happen when I applied the Romantic Scene effect V-01 variation.  I like the glow and the darkened effect.  Definitely makes for a romantic mood.

Romantic Scene Effect

Each variation can be edited to add more or less of the effect.  As with all of the Jixipix apps that I’ve worked with, this is another one that I’ll keep in my camera bag!

Friday Favorites No. 9

Another installment of my favorite edits for the week.
© Geri Centonze

Why do I focus on images of strangers doing everyday things? In this great sea of humanity there are some people I will only see once in my life. It may be only a glance. I believe we're all connected and the image I capture reminds me of a brother or sister I will never meet again. Instagram is a wonderful community. We're all from different places and we have different politics and different economic statuses (well, I guess we're all able to afford a smart phone!) and our number one question doesn't center around any of those things, but instead it's merely to congratulate one another on presenting an image that moves us. I am grateful for all of you. Merci Grazie Danke Gracias Toda Arigato Shukran 谢谢 Dankie Mahalo Salamat

App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix  Edited with Snapseed, PS Express, BlurFX, Magic Hour
© Geri Centonze
The Passenger (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, Picfx, PS Express iDarkroom 

© Geri Centonze
Troubled (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix   Edited with Snapseed, AfterFocus, Iris Photo Suite
© Geri Centonze

He works hard for his living and his hands tell the tale (Above)

App Recipe: Shot with SneakyPix Edited with Snapseed
© Geri Centonze

Mashing potatoes for shepherd's pie (Above)

App Recipe: Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, VFX Studio, Sketch Club
© Geri Centonze

California Palms (Above)

App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with ShockMyPic, PhotoCopier, Photo Texture, Snapseed, Photo FX
© Geri Centonze

Waiting for His Call (Above)

App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix  Edited with Steampunk PhotoTada!, AfterFocus, Snapseed
© Geri Centonze

Like a true nature's child We were born, born to be wild...(Above)

App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix  Edited with Snapseed, BlurFX, Vintique
© Geri Centonze

Awe and Wonder (Above)

We were all so full of this at one time!
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera  Edited with Snapseed, Sketch Club, BlurFX, Squaready
© Geri Centonze

Plane between the wires (Above)

I’ve been watching The Band of Brothers movie and this shot of a plane flying between the telephone wires brought to mind that movie, so I edited it to look old and grungy.
App Recipe:  Shot with Sneakypix  Edited with Snapseed, Old Photo Pro, ScratchCam FX
© Geri Centonze

Her thoughts were elsewhere (Above)

She looked like she was from another time all dressed in her red suit at the Home Depot.  I thought I would make this look like an old photo from the 1950’s.
App Recipe:  Shot with Sneakypix  Edited with Snapseed, Old Photo Pro 

© Geri Centonze

Profile Portrait of Young Woman (Above)

App Recipe:  Shot with Sneakypix  Edited with Snapseed, Portrait Painter, Artist’s Touch, Pixlr-o-matic

Oct 21, 2012

What to do with all those Instagram photos?

If you’re an Instagram addict you may want to know what else you can do with all your images besides just storing them on your iPhone or computer.
Here’s a great site where you can have prints, calendars and more made using your Instagram images.  It’s called Printstagram.  Any of their products would make a great gift for the Instagram junkie on your holiday gift list.
You can get 24 Squares or 48 Mini Squares for $12 (plus postage)
or 252 Mini Stickers for $10
How about a Mini Book with 50 photos for $12?
Posters for $25/$35 depending on the size you order
3 Tiny Books for $10!!!
Mini Prints 48 for $12
or a 365 page Calendar for $40
I would love to decorate my office with some of my favorite Instagram prints, so I think I’ll be placing an order soon with Printstagram!

Oct 20, 2012

Featuring the Unique Style of Mobile Artist Alain Vincent

Alain Vincent
I wish I could be inside the mind of Alain Vincent just for one day.  When you see the images and captions he’s written for them, you’ll understand why!

Alain’s gallery @alainvincent on Instagram was one of the first that caught my eye.  It was his unique style and thought provoking captions that lured me in.

Alain lives in British Columbia, Canada and has been posting daily on Instagram since August of 2012.  All of Alain’s photos are taken with his iPhone.  I wasn’t surprised to hear that he has a background as a painter.  It shows through in his images and only an experienced artist could add the strokes as masterfully as Alain does.

I am fascinated by Alain’s captions and asked it he edits them with a particular story in mind or if they “speak” to him after they’re completed.  Alain’s answer:  “When one works on an urgent mode as I do, there is little time for me to get in the way of the story, or the will of my hand...What comes out is ‘what is’, and I am as surprised as anybody else.  The fact is, when I post an image everyday there is a story that is willing to meet me halfway. It just gives birth to a very unpredictable narrative that needs me as much as I need it. ”

The app he uses to craft his pieces is Procreate.

As mobile photography gains a greater acceptance and wider audience, I do not doubt that Alain’s work will be featured in an exhibit somewhere, someday!

Now, venture into the creative world of Alain Vincent.

© Alain Vincent

(Above) The artist stands one foot in the world and one foot somewhere else.... Only music can come out of this unsustainable position.

Two Apps FREE for a Limited Time–Pop Dot Comics and Harris Camera

Two more apps to grab while they’re FREE!
Harris Camera

Harris Camera
Pop Dot Comics by JixiPix
Pop Dot Comics
Pop Dot Comics

Artwork–5th Place winner in Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge

A few years ago I did this painting based on a photo I saw online. 


An Instagram friend Pernille Scheele asked me if I had anything to contribute to a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign on Instagram.  I reworked the piece and came up with this. 

5th Place BCA Awareness Instagram

I didn’t realize it was a “challenge” and found out that I was a finalist and after the blind vote was awarded Fifth Place.  I’m happy my image helped promote this very important cause.  Let’s continue to push forward for a cure.  We need it YESTERDAY!!!

New to Instagram? These pointers from Fat Mum Slim will help!

Are you new to Instagram and haven’t got a clue how it works or how to maximize your images?  Well, here’s a great and beautifully designed “cheat sheet”.  I stumbled across this informative infographic from Fat Mum Slim and with Chantelle’s permission I’m reposting it here.  Be sure to hop on over to her website – she has a whole iPhoneography category!!!

Oct 19, 2012

Friday Favorites No. 8

Time again to share my favorite edits for the week.  It’s hard to believe how quickly time is passing.  Am I the only one who feels like 2012 has been a blur?
© Geri Centonze
In the Beauty Salon (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix.  Edited with Snapseed, PS Express, Filterstorm, Camera+, Wood Camera 
© Geri Centonze
Driving By (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix.  Edited with PS Express, iCameraHDR, Photo FX, Filterstorm, Snapseed, Alien Sky
© Geri Centonze
Me in the Morning (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix.  Edited with Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
Costco Shoppers (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera.  Edited with Perfectly Clear and Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
Flight Crew (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera.  Edited with Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
Portrait of a Man (I did not take this photo but used an image from MorgueFile)
Edited with Portrait Painter, Snapseed and Artist’s Touch
© Geri Centonze
Freedom (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix.  Edited with Snapseed, Camera+, Big Lens, PicShop and PhotoCopier
© Geri Centonze
Pennsylvania Country Road (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera.  Edited with Filtermania and Snapseed
© Geri Centonze
Waiting for Pizza (Above)
App Recipe:  Shot with SneakyPix.  Edited with PS Express, iCamera HDR, Photo FX, Filterstorm, Iris Photo Suite, Camera+, Snapseed

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