Sep 14, 2012

Friday Favorites No. 3

Here are five of my favorite Instagram images that I edited this week along with their App Recipes.
Self Portrait
Self Portrait (Above) App Recipe: Shot with ProCamera.  Edited with Laminar and PS Express
Sometimes when I look in the mirror I am reminded of my younger self when I see my eyes.  I created this self-portrait with that idea in mind.
Waiting for Her Ride
Waiting for Her Ride (Above) App Recipe: Shot with ProCamera.  Edited with Dramatic Black and White
What a lucky shot this was.  I was waiting for my Mom to have her pedicure and glanced over at the woman waiting for her ride.  The fact that she was so unaware of me makes this such a beautiful image in my eyes.
Wine Glass Abstract
Wine Glass Abstract (Above)  App Recipe: Shot with Leme Camera.  Edited with TwistCam, PS Express, Snapseed and Iris Photo Suite.
The Mobile Art Movement is all about experimentation.  Just for starters we’re shooting with a PHONE and then applying the interesting effects of various apps.  The possibilities are endless and addictive for the creatively inclined!
Joy (Above)  App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera.  Edited with Simply BW, Snapseed, and Sketch Club
What struck me about this little girl was the fact that her only focus seemed to be on her next joyous leap!
Untitled Portrait
Untitled (Above)  App Recipe:  Shot with ProCamera.  Edited with Artist’s Touch for iPad, Sketch Club, Snapseed, PS Express
This man was helping us checkout at Costco this week.  He had a face I had to capture, so I quickly pulled out my iPhone and snapped a few profile shots.  I love the painterly effect you can get with Artist’s Touch for iPad.


  1. Nice job, Geri. That self-portrait is a bit eerie without all the face parts! I love the others, especially the anticipation in "waiting for her ride," and the swirl in the wine glass. I love that you are constantly experimenting. Will you be getting the new iPhone?? ;->

  2. Oh they are all totally cool. It seems like we can do anything with this technology. So many apps so little time. xox

  3. A creative bunch - I love all of them! Waiting for Her Ride is especially beautiful.

  4. as usual, you are excelling in yet another art form. Love these.


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