Aug 14, 2012

Tuesday Tip – Organizing your Photo Apps

Once you have more than a dozen photo apps on your iPhone or iPad, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing what app performs what function.  It’s not always easy to put them in a category, but here’s a screenshot from my iPhone to show how I’ve grouped mine. 

On one screen are the apps I use to take photos – ProCamera is kept on the bottom so it’s easily accessible from any screen.

Note: Hueless is a great camera for photographing in Black and White.

iphone camera apps

Below are my photo editing apps (most of them have a camera function too, but I don’t use them to capture my images)

iphone image editing apps

I have them divided into categories.  ART contains the apps I use for drawing and painting.  EDIT includes the various apps I use for my main image editing with the primary ones in the EDIT 1 folder.  The two folders marked NEW house my latest apps.  I keep them there until I have a chance to see what they can do and then categorize them into a folder. 

Hope this helps!  Happy Snapping!


  1. I think you are fantastic!!! You have thought through a very clear and organized way to set up your apps....and on your phone no less. Mine will have to go on an i Pad, my eyes are getting so blurry. Today I did color palettes from photos to post onto a blog. I forgot to hyperlink and someone let me know it. Yuck, it takes so much time. But you are very good at that step. I hope everyone appreciates it. I still love the idea of processing a select few of my DSLR photos on the i Pad, so much easier and faster than photoshop, etc. My gosh I am spoiled!!!!! smiles: sharon

  2. Nice way to think about it, but I am not surprised, you would have to be organized to do all this in the first place! xox


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