Aug 25, 2012

The Olloclip is opening up a whole new tiny world!

You may have read my post about making your own DIY macro lens.  The homemade lens works pretty well considering the cost ($1.99) but I wanted something better for serious macro shooting, so I purchased an Olloclip and I’m really glad I did.
Here’s what the Olloclip looks like
It slides right onto the camera corner of the iPhone snugly and stays in place.  One end houses the fisheye lens and the other has a wide angle lens which unscrews to reveal a macro lens!  Three lenses in one.  It comes with a lens cap for each side and a little pouch to keep it in your purse or pocket.  The price is approximately $70.  It may be a bit pricey but if you’re a serious photographer, you know that’s inexpensive when compared to DSLR equipment!
Here is the photo I took of my ring with my DIY macro lens.

macro photo with diy lens
and here’s the one I took with the Olloclip!  I can see how rough I’ve been on this ring when viewed this closely.
macro photo with Olloclip
Here’s a one-legged grasshopper (about an inch long) who lives on my potted tomato plant.  This isn’t quite as sharp as it could be – I’m sure a little tripod would help!  Hmmm…maybe the next on my wish list!
Macro grasshopper with Olloclip
and a few drops of water on one of the tomatoes
Macro water drops with Olloclip
I haven’t done a lot of experimenting with the fisheye and wide angle lenses, but here is one that I took with the fisheye lens while at the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival.
Olloclip Fisheye
If you enjoy macro photography, I don’t think the Olloclip will disappoint. 
Happy Snapping!


  1. Geri, this is reall cool! and quite impressive for a phone camera. ;->

  2. Fascinating! Will have to check this out for sure!

  3. Oh now Geri, that is very cool. I like the fisheye...xox


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