Aug 2, 2012

The Journey Within

This piece began as a series of swirls created with Flowpaper.  I really didn’t know where I was going when I began, but it started to tell me a story and this is the final result.
Journey within iPhoneography by Geri Centonze
Here is what I started with – swirls created in Flowpaper and blended in Sketch Club.
Flowpaper iPhoneography by Geri Centonze
Here is the “recipe” of the apps I used in the order I used them:
Flowpaper to create to separate swirled designs
Procreate for smudging the Flowpaper design
Sketch Club for blending to Flowpaper designs
AutoPainterII Chalk Setting
FilterMania 2 – to add the water drops and intensify
Tiny Planets to get the swirled effect (tunnel setting)
Perfect Photo for saturation and sharpening
Sketch Club for blending a combination of the images resulting from the above apps.  I layed .  I also added the text in this app.
Crop’n’Frame for framing
I really like several of the intermediate results including after FilterMania 2
FilterMania iPhoneography by Geri Centonze
and after Percolator (below)
Brewed in Percolator iPhoneography by Geri Centonze

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