Aug 31, 2012

Temporarily FREE App–Font Art

Font ArtFor 3 days only, you’ll be able to download Font Art

I tried out the app on a few of my images.  It’s easy to use and includes over 127 font variations!  You can change the color, opacity, add a drop shadow or bevel and even rotate the font.


Below is a painting I did on my iPad using.  This is not a manipulated image, but a panting done from scratch using Sketch Club.  I referenced a photo from Instagram user @alainvincent.  When he gave me permission to sketch the portrait I asked him who was featured in the photo and he answered, “my beloved son”. 

iPad Painting by Geri Centonze

And here is an image I captured while running errands this week. 

iPhoneography by Geri Centonze

App Recipe – Photo Studio FX, Magic Hour Font Art

Well, what are you waiting for, you only have 3 days!


  1. My son told me about another font app, I will have to get the name of it for you! Love the last photo with it's blues. xox

  2. Thank you so much for sharing!! I now visit your page EVERYDAY!! I'm particularly excited about this font app, and your art is AMAZING!! I love how you wove it all together... Sharing your art, the story, and offering a link to a free app! Bravo!!! :D ~Amber


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