Aug 13, 2012


If you’re an IG’er, that’s Instagrammer for short, you may want to add a slideshow of your Instagram feed to your blog.  SnapWidget makes that super simple.  Just go to their site and enter your Instagram name, fill out the rest of the info and grab the code. 

In addition to my own Instagram feed, I also plan to feature a themed feed which will change week by week.  This week’s theme is Macro Lens.  Photos will be featured that include the hash tag macrolens from various Instagrammers.


  1. I hope I remember this post....I haven't uploaded anything to instagram, but will definitely do this widget when I get that far. Funny I have spent quite a bit of time with i phoneography, but have been concerned to post anything....ah, you give me courage.

  2. thanks for the info...I put it on my blog


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