Aug 30, 2012

iColorama an app worth mentioning

iColoramaI use iColorama on most of my edits.  It’s FREE for the iPad and 99-cents for the iPhone (I’m not sure why they charge for the iPhone app!).  The iPhone version is iColorama S.

I used this app to distort the lifeguard station image and get the funky effect below.  Give it a look, it’s a must have in my camera bag!

iColorama edit


  1. Ooooow, I like you new header image. so colorful! Well, that was for the chalk, I think that's what it is. Then I went back and found a me image. Nice touch to have different images fade from one to another. You really don't stick with one thing very long, do you?? Hahaha. ;->

  2. Oh, thank you for telling us about this...I loved this particular photo on your Instagram and it's nice to know which app you used to achieve it! :)

  3. Definitely checking this one out and I love the new slider/header. xox

  4. Many thanks for the nice description of my app! I'm very grateful! and amazed of your beautiful artworks!

  5. @Teresa Alonso - thank you for creating such a great app! It's been very helpful in creating my photographic art!


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