Aug 5, 2012

Apps for Beginners

The app store can be overwhelming – so many photography apps and the descriptions all sound wonderful!  Confused?  Where do you begin?
I am just a babe myself in the world of iphoneography, but I’ve already noticed there are several apps I go to again and again.
As mentioned before, I use the Procamera app for shooting my photos for 3 reasons
  • You can set the exposure and focus points separately
  • Rapid fire Mode for continuous shots
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to take photo

SlowShutter is another camera app that gives great results. 
Slow Shutter Cam
Photo below taken with SlowShutter
Image taken with iPhone SlowShutter app
For my second choice it’s a tie between Snapseed and PerfectPhoto for basic editing functions like cropping, rotating, exposure, color balance, sharpen, etc.  One more app in this category (FREE as of this post date) is Easy Photo Editor Pro which has a great user interface.

Perfect Photo 1
Easy Photo Editor Pro

For adding filters and effects, FX Photo Studio makes it easy to switch from one application to the next with a simple swipe.  There are a few corny effects like adding cupids and hearts to your photo, but you can hide them from your choice list.  PhotoCopier allows you to capture the look of the coloring/lighting of movies, paintings, photos and processes.  There’s a lot to work with in this app and I’ve only begun to tap into it’s capabilities.  If you’d like to blend one image with another, Image Blender is simple to use and does the job well.  If you already have an app that allows you to add layers and change blend modes like , you won’t need a separate image blending app. 

FX Photo Studio
Image Blender

I have 3 favorite Painterly effects apps (at least at the moment – that could change when I discover the next amazing one!)  Glaze is a new discovery that is quickly become an app I use often.  Painteresque, a one-trick pony that does what it does very well.  Foolproof Art Studio has so much potential - I just downloaded it but my first try had me hooked!

Photo edited with Glaze

Processed with Glaze app


Same photo edited in Painteresque
Foolproof Art Studio Free
and finally in Foolproof

For adding light to your photo, Lenslight is my favorite app.


Here’s the Foolproof image with some rays added from Lenslight
Photo Transfer AppOne app that has made my life easier is the Photo Transfer App which allows me to easily transfer selected photos from my iPhone to my iPad and even to my PC (also possible to transfer to a MAC).  I find it easier to work on the photos with my iPad than to strain my eyes with my phone.

This is just a glimpse into the wonderful world of creative apps.  I’m sure you have your favorites and go-to apps.  Please join in the conversation by leaving a comment with a few of your top choices not mentioned here.  I’m sure readers will enjoy seeing your picks!


  1. Ooooooowww. I love the Painteresque!! Now, since I don't have an iPhone, how do I create that effect in Photoshop ... or maybe I could see if that app is available for iPad. Happy Sunday, Geri;->

  2. Got it!! woohoo!! One more thing to play with. ;->

  3. I like the Pano app for taking panoramic photos.

  4. Well I now have all of this on my phone apps, so just need alot of practice to see how to work them all to get best results! So fun and your suggestions are great!

  5. That's alot of apps, I might have to check out foolproof that looks like alot of fun. xox


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