Aug 1, 2012


iphoneography abstract
Below shows the step by step progression
Original photo
base photo iphoneography abstract
After Tiny Planets
Tiny Planet app iphoneography abstract
After Moku HD
Moku HD app iphoneography abstract
After AutoPainter II
AutoPainter II iphoneography abstract
After Percolator
Brewed in Percolator iphoneography abstract
After Popsicolor
Popsicolor app iphoneography abstract
After Image Blender (Blending AutoPainter Image with Popsicolor)
Image Blender iphoneography abstract
After Perfect Photo (increase saturation and sharpen)
Perfect Photo iphoneography abstract
After Crop’n’Frame
iphoneography abstract

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  1. Wow! You are amazing! I am just a tadpole in the beginners pond! ;op

    1. Thanks! Keep practicing you'll see the progression the more you do.

  2. Here you are another blog with fantastic photo manipulations. It seems much easier to do, if you can remember the order of things, than photoshop!!! Which I am still working on. I really like your dark background. This is a different focus blogsite, so another color is perfect. I am always changing things around and just left one of my blogs black for a lighter color. Will probably change again this week. This is what creative energy does to us!!!!! smile. Congratulation on setting up this blog, it will be in my i pad blogs...the easiest way to see blogs....and makes me stay up way too late at night! You too? smiles: sharon

  3. Replies
    1. @We'dBeForever - it is a series of apps (the list is in the post) :) Thanks for visiting!

  4. I'm lucky I'm on my iPod touch :)
    I'll try that now! And a big thanks for sharing!


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