Aug 31, 2012

Temporarily FREE App–Font Art

Font ArtFor 3 days only, you’ll be able to download Font Art

I tried out the app on a few of my images.  It’s easy to use and includes over 127 font variations!  You can change the color, opacity, add a drop shadow or bevel and even rotate the font.


Below is a painting I did on my iPad using.  This is not a manipulated image, but a panting done from scratch using Sketch Club.  I referenced a photo from Instagram user @alainvincent.  When he gave me permission to sketch the portrait I asked him who was featured in the photo and he answered, “my beloved son”. 

iPad Painting by Geri Centonze

And here is an image I captured while running errands this week. 

iPhoneography by Geri Centonze

App Recipe – Photo Studio FX, Magic Hour Font Art

Well, what are you waiting for, you only have 3 days!

FREE iPhoneography eBooks by Cynthia Louden

I love when I find useful information online, especially when it’s FREE!  Last night I stumbled upon two eBooks by Cynthia Louden that give DETAILED information on how she creates her iPhone Art.  Visit the site here and click on the Add to Cart buttons (they’re FREE!).
You’ll get over 70 pages in each PDF guide including step by step instructions and apps used.  You can add the eBooks to your iTunes library and view them on your iPhone or iPad too! 
How Did I Do That by Cynthia Louden

Aug 30, 2012

iColorama an app worth mentioning

iColoramaI use iColorama on most of my edits.  It’s FREE for the iPad and 99-cents for the iPhone (I’m not sure why they charge for the iPhone app!).  The iPhone version is iColorama S.

I used this app to distort the lifeguard station image and get the funky effect below.  Give it a look, it’s a must have in my camera bag!

iColorama edit

Temporarily FREE App–PhotoTangler Collage Maker

PhotoTangler Collage MakerYour iPhone must be filling up fast with all of the FREE apps you’re downloading.  If you’d like to see how I organize my photo apps, check out this post

FREE at the time of this posting is the PhotoTangler Collage Maker.



Aug 29, 2012

Only a few hours left to get Any Shape Photo Editor FREE!

I just discovered that the Any Shape Photo Editor is free for today only.  Sorry for the late notice!  It’s regularly priced at $1.99.

AnyShape - Photo Editor 3

The iPhoneography of Karen L. Messick

While roaming the internet...okay, I was desperately seeking some inspirational iPhoneography, I stumbled upon the blog of Karen L. Messick. I was sipping my morning coffee and before I knew it, three hours had passed as I poured through post after post of Karen's stunning photos. With Karen's permission, I am posting some of her work for you to ooh and ahh over! Be sure to visit Karen L. Messick iPhone Adventures to see more of her work and check to see if one of her future workshops will be in your area.

Aug 28, 2012

Magic Hair Color–FREE for 3 Days

Magic Hair Color HDNot sure if I want to experiment with changing my hair color, but I might use this temporarily FREE app for coloring other parts of photos.  FREE for 3 days!

Magic Hair Color HD

Aug 27, 2012

Apple’s App of the Week and it’s FREE – IncrediBooth

The makers of Hipstamatic have created an app that gives you “A Photo Booth in your Pocket”.  IncrediBooth was named Apple’s App of the week and it’s free!  With the free download you get the Cowboy booth.  Other themed booths are available as in-app purchases.


I would test out this app and insert my own photo strip, but I just woke up and this mug isn’t fit for print this early! 

Happy Snapping!

Aug 25, 2012

The Olloclip is opening up a whole new tiny world!

You may have read my post about making your own DIY macro lens.  The homemade lens works pretty well considering the cost ($1.99) but I wanted something better for serious macro shooting, so I purchased an Olloclip and I’m really glad I did.
Here’s what the Olloclip looks like
It slides right onto the camera corner of the iPhone snugly and stays in place.  One end houses the fisheye lens and the other has a wide angle lens which unscrews to reveal a macro lens!  Three lenses in one.  It comes with a lens cap for each side and a little pouch to keep it in your purse or pocket.  The price is approximately $70.  It may be a bit pricey but if you’re a serious photographer, you know that’s inexpensive when compared to DSLR equipment!
Here is the photo I took of my ring with my DIY macro lens.

Aug 23, 2012

Free for a LIMITED time–HDR FX Pro!

Here’s another FREE app for all you app-crazy folks like me – HDR FX Pro!  I have the lite version, but now I can download the PRO version free for a limited time…who knows how long, so I’m off to the app store now!!!


Aug 22, 2012

Create a scrollable panoramic view with 360 Panorama

The view of my bathroom isn’t very fascinating, but I had to try out this new app, 360 Panorama.
If you click and drag your mouse over the image, you can view the complete panoramic image.  Just imagine what you could do in a gorgeous natural setting!

Here’s the same image flattened out

L.A. Mobile Arts Festival 2012

Living in California definitely has its advantages.  One that I was able to enjoy this weekend was the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival held at the Santa Monica Art Studios.  I came away totally inspired and humbled by the talent of the amazing iPhoneographers whose work was selected for this event.
Below are some photos I took of the beautiful images and sculptures on display.  I have noted the names of the photographers in some instances – I apologize for not getting each name, however I was so gobsmacked by what I was viewing that I forget to take note!

LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012
Above – Left image "Yellow Room Fronthill Castle" by Rad Drew

Aug 21, 2012

New Edits and Some FREE Apps!

Here are a few images from my Instagram feed.  If you’re on Instagram and would like to follow me, you can find me @gericentonze.
App Recipes are includes on some of the images.
© geri centonze
The more I experiment with abstract art, the more I love it!
App Recipe – Decim8, PhotoArista Oil, Glaze, Vintique, ScratchCam FX
Chevrolet Bel Air with HDR effect
A great old Chevrolet Bel Air I saw on my walk yesterday.
Reflection iphoneography
I saw my reflection in our front loading washing machine and thought this would make an interesting photo.
App Recipe – ProCamera, Simply B&W, Sketch Club, Vintique, Snapseed
Street Photography
I snagged this shot of the man next to me at Subway yesterday.
Santa Monica boardwalk iphoneography
On the boardwalk in Santa Monica.  This was created from two photos.  The image of the blurred background figures was shot in SlowShutter.  The foreground people were shot with ProCamera. I then combined the images in Sketch Club using layers and made the foreground figures slightly transparent to give the feeling of movement.
SlowShutter, ProCamera, Sketch Club, PS Express, Snapseed
street photography © geri centonze
And now for one of today’s FREE apps.  Here’s Kyoobik Photo by JixiPix Software.
Kyoobik Photo
I didn’t have a lot of time to experiment with this, but I ran the photo of the Bel Air (above) through a couple of the settings – results below.
Edit with Kyoobik AppEdit with Kyoobik AppEdit with Kyoobik AppEdit with Kyoobik App

Aug 18, 2012

Temporarily FREE app – ComicStrip-CS

Paid apps on iTunes are sometimes offered FREE temporarily.  One app that is currently FREE as of this writing is ComicStrip–CS.  It has earned 4.5 stars on iTunes with 261 ratings, so that’s a good track record.

It’s meant to be an app for creating your own comic strip, but you can also use it to create photo montages like this one (all photos in this montage taken by my son Nick with his iPhone).  The only feature I’d like to see added is the ability to change the font size.  The word bubble does automatically resize to the amount of text you write.

Photos © Nick Nowak

Hint:  To change the position of the word bubble “tail”, just drag it with your finger.

Aug 17, 2012

Everything for the iPhoneography enthusiast at JUXT

I should have said everything “and more”.  JUXT is one of my favorite discoveries since I started my iPhoneography adventure. 
One of the many features includes a tutorials section.  I think I’ll be spending a lot of time there!  I used the basic instructions for the Into the Dark tutorial by Joanna D to get the result below.  Mouse over the image to see the boring BEFORE photo.

Photo taken from a moving car (don’t worry I wasn’t driving!) with ProCamera.
App Recipe: Noir Photo and Picfx
I’ll be attending the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival this weekend and hopefully will have lots to share on Monday!

How to Pose People in Groups

I ran across this great article on posing group shots.  Posed photos are definitely not my favorite for iPhoneography, but when you do want one, these tips will help you get a better shot.

Check out the complete article here.


This was an interesting angle I’ve used several times (Photo taken with DSLR).  This one requires the photographer to lie down on the floor and everyone gathers around him/her. 

Posing groups of people

Aug 14, 2012

Sometimes the simple shot is the best

While out and about I saw this elderly gentleman reading a flyer in a window at H & R Block.  He was so engrossed in his reading that I knew he wouldn’t notice me approaching.  Funnily enough, I snapped 4 photos of him – he never took his eyes off the flyer even though he was cleaning his glasses the whole time!

I noticed the crisp crease in his trousers!  It says a lot about him, don’t you think?


App Recipe – Shot with ProCamera.  Edited with Noir Photo and PerfectPhoto.  Signature added with A+ Signature Lite (Free version)

Tuesday Tip – Organizing your Photo Apps

Once you have more than a dozen photo apps on your iPhone or iPad, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing what app performs what function.  It’s not always easy to put them in a category, but here’s a screenshot from my iPhone to show how I’ve grouped mine. 

On one screen are the apps I use to take photos – ProCamera is kept on the bottom so it’s easily accessible from any screen.

Note: Hueless is a great camera for photographing in Black and White.

iphone camera apps

Below are my photo editing apps (most of them have a camera function too, but I don’t use them to capture my images)

iphone image editing apps

I have them divided into categories.  ART contains the apps I use for drawing and painting.  EDIT includes the various apps I use for my main image editing with the primary ones in the EDIT 1 folder.  The two folders marked NEW house my latest apps.  I keep them there until I have a chance to see what they can do and then categorize them into a folder. 

Hope this helps!  Happy Snapping!

Aug 13, 2012


If you’re an IG’er, that’s Instagrammer for short, you may want to add a slideshow of your Instagram feed to your blog.  SnapWidget makes that super simple.  Just go to their site and enter your Instagram name, fill out the rest of the info and grab the code. 

In addition to my own Instagram feed, I also plan to feature a themed feed which will change week by week.  This week’s theme is Macro Lens.  Photos will be featured that include the hash tag macrolens from various Instagrammers.

Aug 12, 2012

Anatomy of an Abstract

This week I plan to take some time to discover the capabilities of the apps I already have downloaded.  One that I almost overlooked was XnView Photo FX.

Here’s what I started with…


After some manipulation with Painteresque, increasing the saturation and sharpening, I ended up with this…


I like the above as a stand alone piece, but I wanted to see what else I could do with it.  Next, I manipulated the image with the Ripple HD app.  This isn’t the exact version that I used, but unfortunately I deleted it – it’s close enough for you to get the idea.


The next step to see what XnView Photo FX could do.  Using the Symmetry Effect, I ended up with this!

00055 (4)

There is also a kaleidoscope setting in this app, so the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Happy Snapping!

Get more traffic to your blog through Craftgawker!

Checking my stats for this blog with just a few followers, I was surprised to see the total hits at over 16,000 in only 13 days! 


I started this blog on July 31st!  The secret of 16,000 hits is CRAFTGAWKER.  I submitted my DIY macro lens tutorial and it’s been getting all kind of attention.  In fact, it was the 3rd most “favorited” submission in the last 7 days!


If you have a tutorial on your blog for anything “crafty”, submit it to Craftgawker to drive some traffic your way.  Be warned, that they’re pretty fussy about what they accept – I’ve had more things turned down than accepted.

Good luck!

Aug 8, 2012

Aug 7, 2012

Favorite shot of the day–Twins?

Whole Foods grocery store provided the setting for today’s photos.  I took a lot of the fresh produce and flowers, but my favorite shot of the day was created by layering two successive images using the Sketch Club app.  I layered one on top of the other and erased part of the top image to let the bottom image show through.

After combining the two layers, I added a textured layer using the “hue” blending mode and got the result below.

Layered images using sketch club app

Photographed with Procamera 

App Recipe – Sketch Club

Aug 5, 2012

Apps for Beginners

The app store can be overwhelming – so many photography apps and the descriptions all sound wonderful!  Confused?  Where do you begin?
I am just a babe myself in the world of iphoneography, but I’ve already noticed there are several apps I go to again and again.
As mentioned before, I use the Procamera app for shooting my photos for 3 reasons
  • You can set the exposure and focus points separately
  • Rapid fire Mode for continuous shots
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to take photo

SlowShutter is another camera app that gives great results. 
Slow Shutter Cam
Photo below taken with SlowShutter
Image taken with iPhone SlowShutter app
For my second choice it’s a tie between Snapseed and PerfectPhoto for basic editing functions like cropping, rotating, exposure, color balance, sharpen, etc.  One more app in this category (FREE as of this post date) is Easy Photo Editor Pro which has a great user interface.

Perfect Photo 1
Easy Photo Editor Pro

For adding filters and effects, FX Photo Studio makes it easy to switch from one application to the next with a simple swipe.  There are a few corny effects like adding cupids and hearts to your photo, but you can hide them from your choice list.  PhotoCopier allows you to capture the look of the coloring/lighting of movies, paintings, photos and processes.  There’s a lot to work with in this app and I’ve only begun to tap into it’s capabilities.  If you’d like to blend one image with another, Image Blender is simple to use and does the job well.  If you already have an app that allows you to add layers and change blend modes like , you won’t need a separate image blending app. 

FX Photo Studio
Image Blender

I have 3 favorite Painterly effects apps (at least at the moment – that could change when I discover the next amazing one!)  Glaze is a new discovery that is quickly become an app I use often.  Painteresque, a one-trick pony that does what it does very well.  Foolproof Art Studio has so much potential - I just downloaded it but my first try had me hooked!

Photo edited with Glaze

Processed with Glaze app


Same photo edited in Painteresque
Foolproof Art Studio Free
and finally in Foolproof

For adding light to your photo, Lenslight is my favorite app.


Here’s the Foolproof image with some rays added from Lenslight
Photo Transfer AppOne app that has made my life easier is the Photo Transfer App which allows me to easily transfer selected photos from my iPhone to my iPad and even to my PC (also possible to transfer to a MAC).  I find it easier to work on the photos with my iPad than to strain my eyes with my phone.

This is just a glimpse into the wonderful world of creative apps.  I’m sure you have your favorites and go-to apps.  Please join in the conversation by leaving a comment with a few of your top choices not mentioned here.  I’m sure readers will enjoy seeing your picks!

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