Jul 31, 2012

My iPhoneographic Journey Begins

Just what I need...another blog!  iART CHRONiCLES features photos of my world as seen through my iPhone.  With the innovative, creative apps on the market today (and many FREE ones too!), iPhoneography has become an art form of its own and my new addiction!

My inspiration is Karen L. Messick.  I have viewed other powerful iPhone images, but Karen's work captured me because of its painterly look and the way she combines various applications to get unique results.

Dark blog backgrounds aren't normally my first choice, but they do compliment the photographs well which is another reason I'm giving this work a place of its own.  Here are a few of my first attempts.

iphoneography grungy garden gate latch

iphoneography grungy rose

iphoneography bristles enhanced

bench shadows iphoneography

iphoneography Painteresque app

 photo copyright.jpg
envye template.